3M™ Lapping Film 865X, Disc, 5 in x NH, 50 per inner 500 per case

  • 3M Product Number 865X
  • 3M ID 60020020172


Precision coated silica coating on a polyester film used in the final step in fiber optic connector polishing. This long life product produces high quality connectors that meet (No Suggestions) standards.

Use 3M™ Lapping Film 865X, our silica mineral films, with many brands of polishing machine for an excellent surface finish in the final step of polishing fibre optic ceramic connectors. This long life, consistent final polish Film provides high visual quality finish and significant cost savingsOur lapping films provide consistent protrusion values, a low insertion loss and back reflection. It helps to achieve a high yield, in a faster time. Available in discs. Use for flat lapping or final polish of fibre optic connectors.