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3M Energy

Aerial view of rural power lines
Helping deliver, save and re-imagine the world’s energy.

Energy Markets

Using less, enabling more, to help the world thrive.

We help harvest sunlight. We develop and supply a quality reliable connection to the grid. We reduce the weight of power transmission lines and enable them to carry more power. All over the globe, 3M is helping save energy, reduce the cost per watt and uncover new ways to create and sustain a more viable future.

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          At 3M, we are experts in helping you create a world that’s a better place to live in. From window films to heat shrink tubing, our energy solutions help you create spaces in which people want to live, work, learn and play. Our renewable and solar energy technologies help meet rigorous sustainability standards while preserving building aesthetics.

          To learn more about how 3M participates globally in the Energy market, please visit 3M Energy (United States).