3M™ NoisePro™ Dosimeter Kit NP-DLX-CBL, Cable 1 kit/cs

  • 3M ID 70071579455

Kit includes Class/Type 2 unit, IR to USB computer interface cable and standard accessories.

Optional vibrating belt clip.

Go/No-Go screen icons.

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  • Kit includes Class/Type 2 unit, IR to USB computer interface cable and standard accessories
  • Optional vibrating belt clip
  • Go/No-Go screen icons
  • Programmable twice daily or (1) one-time scheduled run
  • Intrinsic safety certifications
  • Time history data logging
  • Up to four independent dosimeters in one

The NoisePro™ series of personal noise dosimeters helps industrial hygiene and safety professionals monitor noise exposure efficiently and provides tools to empower worker self-management of noise exposure. The NoisePro`s compact, yet rugged IP-65 casing, intrinsic safety certifications and advanced features make it well-suited for a wide-range of applications.

The NoisePro™ NP-DLX dosimeter includes (2) virtual dosimeters to measure (2) separate noise standards plus time-history data logging and up to four independent dosimeters in one. It is compatible with Detection Management Software DMS to simulate the effect of administrative control measures and to perform statistical distribution profiling. Options include a vibrating alarm belt clip and boom microphone. The NP-DLX-CBL kit includes the dosimeter with Class 2 pendant microphone and accessories, Class 1 pendant microphone, 53-471 windscreen, 56-990 calibrator adapter, 53-879 storage case and 57-338 IR to USB Computer Interface Cable.

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